nthalmic is committed to developing ophthalmic products backed by breakthrough science and technology with a focus on two rapidly emerging fields of global eye care: Myopia management and Dry eye disease.

Why are we investing in myopia management?

  • Myopia is projected to affect at least half the world’s population by 2050.
    • The higher the myopia, the higher risk of blinding eye disease.
    • Myopia is associated with modern-day lifestyle and environmental factors.
  • There are significant barriers to market entry
    • Current solutions require advanced clinical skills and equipment to monitor and implement myopia management.
    • A disproportionate burden of myopia exists in high growth, developing and emerging markets.
    • Current myopia management solutions require advanced clinical skills and equipment to monitor and implement.
    • Proprietary products are often not affordable or require specialised manufacturing.
  • Myopia management is a relatively new and rapidly emerging field of global optometry and ophthalmology.
    • In 2021, the World Council of Optometry passed a resolution, stating myopia management is now a global standard of care in clinical practice.
    • Specialised spectacle and contact lens products, clinical protocols and equipment are now available.
    • Dedicated myopia clinics are emerging across Australia, the USA, Europe and Asia, there is a significant global uptake in clinical implementation.

nthalmic’s myopia solution

We are driven to achieve the highest and sustained efficacy of myopia management, superior visual performance, and accessibility for all children. We believe myopia management solutions should be simple to prescribe, affordable and readily implemented at scale to reduce the disproportionate burden of myopia in lower socioeconomic populations. These principles are embedded into our intellectual property and product portfolio.

nthalmic’s myopia management technology assets (S.T.O.P®, A.R.R.E.S.T®, P.A.U.S.E™) address unmet treatment needs in the eyecare market. We are now at the right stage in our journey to welcome expressions of interest from like-minded commercial partners and investors, who share our mission and values, to accelerate the development of our next-generation solutions. To learn more about our current product pipeline, explore our technologies:

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Why are we investing in Dry Eye Disease (DED)?

  • DED affects up to half of the global population.
    • It is associated with age, environment, and modern technological lifestyle of increased screen use.
  • DED has both economic and health burdens and impacts the quality of life.
  • Current successful treatments require expensive clinical equipment making them affordable.
    • At-home treatment is unreliable, with inconsistent treatment application.
  • With the emergence of specialised DED clinics across Australia, the USA, Europe and Asia, there is a significant global uptake in clinical implementation

nthalmic’s solution

We believe DED solutions should be affordable, simple to use, provide a defined and sustained treatment effect, monitor uptake or usage according to treatment guidelines, and be able to be implemented at home without the need for an in-office treatment. Please contact us to discuss your interest in nthalmic’s solution to DED: Meiboleyes™.

Current status

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