Myopia management using S.T.O.P® technology

Current soft contact lens options for myopia management demonstrate reasonable initial efficacy, but this reduction in myopia progression wears off over time. The key characteristic of these lenses is a rotationally symmetric lens design, producing a relatively static signal on the retina.


The latest spectacle lens options incorporating lenslets have shown a reduction in the rate of myopia progression. However, these lenses are prohibitively expensive and require frequent replacement with refraction changes.


nthalmic is currently developing novel soft contact lens and spectacle lens designs based on S.T.O.P® technology.

S.T.O.P® or Spatio Temporal Optical Phase technology provides a spatially and temporally varying optical signal to the eye. This aims to reduce the rate of myopia progression and minimise the decay of treatment effect to sustain efficacy over a prolonged period.

Contact Lenses
  • S.T.O.P® contact lenses include unique optical features coupled with purposefully designed non-optical features in the peripheral lens carrier zone to achieve a desired dynamic variation of the directional cue for the eye. These lenses intend to offer good efficacy that can be sustained over a longer treatment period while providing good visual performance.
Spectacle Lens
  • To reduce affordability barriers to access myopia care, nthalmic is taking a “first-of-its-kind” approach to spectacle lens management utilising the S.T.O.P® kit. The S.T.O.P® kit contains a set of impermanent optical films with proprietary optics that are adhered to standard single vision spectacle lenses in accordance with a set of clinical guidelines provided by nthalmic. The optical films provide a stop signal on the retina that varies in space and time, such that the reduction in the rate of myopia progression can continue to be sustained. The films are interchanged according to the clinical guidelines and with prescription changes.

Through sustained efficacy and improved access to myopia management, nthalmic aims to make a major contribution to the reduction of future co-morbidities associated with myopia and the global financial burden of this rapidly escalating disease.

Please contact us for a copy of the white paper on contact lenses and spectacle lens solutions using S.T.O.P® technology.